This could only happen in New Zealand…and apparently Australia


On my first night out in my new city Melbourne, I was going out with new friends, and enjoying the new feeling of anonymity.

Tonight I was in Melbourne. And in Melbourne, unlike Auckland, you don’t run into your Ex, your Ex’s new child bride and your chemistry teacher on one night.

Tonight, I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew. I wasn’t that girl who vomited over her crush on the school trip in year 10. I wasn’t the girl who could tell you the full names of every member of the Weasley family. I wasn’t someone who gets annoyed when people are promiscuous with commas in sentences.

I could be anyone! Someone cool! Fun! Interesting! 

And the first person I met that night, in one of these sticky, smoky places where a drink is the price of a nose job, was a prefect from my old school.

Not quite as anonymous as I’d hoped then… 


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