Cancer? Baby? What?!


Today my favourite moments were:

I saw the dreadlocked, battle scarred, chain smoking communist that mans the Socialist Alternative stall on campus drinking Coke. Viva la revolucion!

Listening to a guy bitch about his friend “He’s just so horrible. He’s so negative. He never says anything nice about people.” Hmm. The irony seemed a little lost on him. Although this is a guy who would think irony is an adjective to describe red meat.

I was on the phone, when a friend of mine appeared and told me our friend had given birth. Unfortunately, at that moment the person on the phone told me their partner had died of cancer. My brain decided to answer both people at the same time. So out came a confused grunt. To which both people reacted with displeasure.

That was one of those moments so painfully awkward, that the only way you’ll ever be brave enough to remember them is by laughing at yourself.  



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