I’m sorry, you’ll have to repeat that….


I thought using unnecessarily complicated words, that invariable sound like tropical diseases, in order to impress people was a teenage phenomenon.Only young people could think sounding like an arsehole is desirable. But apparently not. This is a quote from an academic I’m reading for class this week.

“Reading seemingly transparent autobiographical texts for their nuanced and subtle strategies of spectacular performativity rather than treating them as evidence means allowing for the ways in which a feminist experience itself is imbedded in the social and political. “

Couldn’t they just say they think the author was an attention whore? Or perhaps that underscores the subtle juxtaposition of inter-textual narratives on the nature of purple broccoli.



2 thoughts on “I’m sorry, you’ll have to repeat that….

  1. I know what you mean! I begin reading and my eyes waver then slide off the page. I haven’t got the energy levels to try and get through a sentence never mind a paragraph. I’d spend more time at an on-line dictionary trying to decipher what’s being said. Now, “Arseholes”, thats a word that hits the spot so-to speak. (Just sit me in a corner with a cone on my noggin with a capital “D’ on it..)

    • I think we should reclaim the Dunce cap as a mark of honour. It means we use the language of the masses – Marx would be proud! It also means people understand us! I’m like you, I’m constantly looking for the dictionary to look up words. Although I do like it when I found out they’ve used it wrongly and I can correct them mwahahahaha….. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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