Who Am I?


I’m a writer, speaker and cereal enthusiast.

I hate two things in life: coconut and air conditioning. Unfortunately I live in New Zealand and Australia, where both are compulsory.

I love people who have opinions, and I occasionally air a few of my own.

I believe in getting young people’s voices out there, in creating debate on issues, and in big hair. This blog is a collection of my published work, abstract thoughts, and general musings. Please feel free to read them, actively disagree, and spend ten minutes thinking about how wrong I am. Or agree with me. I don’t mind.

Please have a poke around http://www.verityjohnson.com for more of my work.

When I’m not writing, speaking, or shouting at my computer, I can be found watching Black Books and drinking Earl Grey.

If you have any content ideas or would like to contribute to my blog, please let me know at verity.johnson.writing@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hello Verity! I’m happy that you stumbled across one of my blogs (http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com), and honored that you chose to follow it. Thank you!

    I also dislike air-conditioning (I’m neutral on coconut) – but fortunately I live in in a cold climate, so AC is only required a few days out of the year. 🙂

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